• I'm an expert consultant but I also have the network to deliver solutions to the very end.
  • I use web and cloud solutions, I.T, business intelligence data and trends.
  • We live in an age of technology disruption. Most businesses that do not adapt will fail
    (Fujitsu 2017 study)
  • I can help most businesses, from the self-employed through to big names, from simple I.T problems through to total systems.
I have worked with:
and numerous lesser known companies ...
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How I've Helped Businesses

I've deployed total systems that manage every aspect of a business in a smart and efficient way.
I've helped businesses evolve to survive and grow in an age of technology disruption.
I've helped businesses deploy projects quickly, accurately and at low cost.
I've made small improvements that lower overheads, increase security and solve problems

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Qualifications & Experience

B.Eng Kingston University. I also completed a year of studies at both Imperial College and Nottingham University.

I have been published several times in national and trade media.

Numerous additional academic courses completed.

  • 2017 onwards
    Professional Consultant
  • 2004 - 2017
    Managing Director of Ad Finem Ltd, a specialist web & business software company
  • Pre 2004
    Academic studies, various freelance engagements and a very early interest in the internet and technology

About Me

I'm 36, born in London.

I was programming at a very early age. In my teens I setup some of the UKs earliest online communities and was already generating a lot of internet traffic.

At the time the internet was a very simple place which made learning easy. As the internet grew, so did I, and so did my knowledge of the net.

While at university I was given my first freelance IT project by Phoenix Technologies.

The project was hugely successful and by the time I finished my studies I had already built a successful IT business. The business grew, at its height there were 8 programmers and we were building systems for some big names.

After 15 years of running an IT business it was time to move to simpler things. I wanted to be in a position where I was better focused on projects and to improve my work balance, focusing more on study and using that knowledge to peoples benefit. With this a new consultancy business was born in 2017.


Philip Antoniou Consultancy Ltd, Unit 10, 63 Jeddo Road, London, W12 9ED
Tel: 07946 230 964 Calls may be recorded. / Company Number: 10879347 / Registered in England.

Rates and Key Terms

Rates are very simple and competitive, especially if you consider that I have 15 years of experience, making me faster and more precise than the competition.

I am transparent with pricing; all customers pay the same, regardless of size. I only charge for my time and expenses, I never take a commission from any service provided through my network. To ensure trust on big projects I only work with one business in any industry.

Introductory consultation and brief initial assessment of your needs is free.
Daily rate depends on volume of work and risk. A half day charge is possible in some scenarios.

There is a support and management charge of either one man-day or half a man-day for businesses and projects that are an ongoing concern. This covers up to 4 or 8 hours for support, management, reports, on-going discussions, advice and pro-active planning (where possible). Some projects can be managed on the support charge alone making me very competitive.

Billing is done on a time + materials basis, I provide upfront and on-going estimates and regular itemised progress reports. All charges are reasonable and proportional to the estimates given.

Accounts are regularly reviewed and customers who do not keep within 30 day payment terms will be moved to a higher day rate.